Dear Fairbanks Families and Staff,

The elementary school addition will break ground on October 19, 2023. Construction is scheduled to be substantially completed by August 1, 2024. During construction, we will experience inconveniences together, but there will be a focus on safety, communication, and learning. We will be able to navigate the unforeseen challenges together. 

Below are different pieces of operations that will be impacted. This is not an exhaustive list. Please continue to share feedback with Adham Schirg, Ashley Thompson, or Joey Newell as we navigate this project together. 

Construction Schedule

All indications are that ground will be broken on October 19. Construction will be limited to the east and south ends of the elementary school. It is anticipated the construction will be substantially completed by August 1, 2024. We anticipate occupying minimally two of these classrooms next school year. 

Construction Manager at Risk

Elford Construction was selected by the Board of Education to serve as the construction manager for this project. They are working alongside district staff to build site prep, coordinate safety practices, and address any concerns the district may have as construction progresses. 


At this point, we do not anticipate significant disruption to traffic patterns on campus during work hours. Construction traffic is supposed to be scheduled to not disrupt school arrival or dismissal. There is the potential for inconveniences with vendors dropping off materials, but we are working to schedule items after arrival, before dismissal, or after school hours. 

What to Expect During Construction 

Please read through the linked document addressing many FAQ’s about construction: “What to Expect During Construction”

Our hope is to continue to share information as site preparation and construction commences. Please share questions that you have with Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Newell, or Mr. Schirg. We appreciate your flexibility as we navigate this process together. 

For Fairbanks,

Ashley, Joe, and Adham