Good morning Fairbanks Families and Staff,

Hope your Saturday is off to a good start. My intention was to share this yesterday, but was unable to.

On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Education released this year’s State Report Card. Our schools did incredibly well on these measurements. We hit highmarks in items like Performance Index, Graduation Rate, and Early Literacy. Our schools received an overall rating of 4.5 stars and four components of 5 stars. You can check out Fairbanks’ Report Card here: Fairbanks Local Schools Report Card

There are some specific items that we should all be very proud of. Some highlights are:

  • Our Performance Index (Student Achievement) has grown each of the last four years - 87.8 (‘20), 93.5 (‘21), 95.8 (‘22), 98.1 (‘23). This year’s is the highest we have seen in Fairbanks Local Schools.

  • Fairbanks High School has a 98.9% 4-year graduation rate.

  • The highest scores our district has achieved on 3rd Grade Reading Test, 8th grade English Language Arts, and 10th grade English Language Arts.

  • Fairbanks Elementary School has an Early Literacy Rating of 96.3>#/p###

I am very proud of our staff, students, and families for their hard work. Our teachers take pride in personalizing learning and meeting students where they are at. Our students work incredibly hard inside and outside of the classroom. Our families are always supportive in so many different ways. Because of these attributes, our schools score very well on these measurements. However, this is one picture of our schools and does not tell the full story. 

Our Measurements that Matter is published every March. It highlights the work happening across Fairbanks. The board of education, staff, students, and community members helped develop these areas of focus during the 2019 - 2020 school year. The focus on these learning experiences leads to positive outcomes in a variety of areas, including the state’s metrics. This helps paint a broader picture of everything that is happening across Fairbanks. You can access last year’s Measurements the Matter here: March 2023 Measurements that Matter.

Congratulations to our students, staff, and community for showcasing to the rest of the state all of the things we already know about Fairbanks. In Fairbanks Local Schools we have “Pride in Our Past, Passion in the Present, and are Preparing for the Future”. We live this mission everyday. Our focus on the priorities in our school community translates to the results we see on state measurements. Well done everyone. Go Panthers!!

For Fairbanks,